At present, there is not a reference system for promoting good ecosystem management and ensuring ecosystem health, which is increasingly seen as a critical aspect of human well being, including for disaster risk reduction, and for climate change adaptation, as highlighted by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.

We hope to address this major gap by bringing together world experts and practitioners to further develop, test and communicate a standardized yet flexible system. Adoption of such a standardized system by the global conservation community would allow for objective, transparent and repeatable assessments of ecosystem collapse risk. These assessments would also be scientifically comparable, allowing assessors from different parts of the world and at different geographical scales to systematically compare their results.

For a better understanding of this initiative we invite you to explore:

  • The Context for developing an ecosystem collapse risk assessment protocol
  • What is the Red List of Ecosystems? and
  • The Ongoing initiatives leading to the 2025 target of achieving global coverage of ecosystem risk assessments (terrestrial, freshwater, marine and subterranean)


Beijing, China 2011

Washington, DC, USA 2011