As part of the worldwide IUCN Red List of Ecosystems methods initiative, led by Jon Paul Rodríguez and his team, composed by Provita, IUCN and NatureServe, Colombia begins to create inputs at a National level since September 2012, which is necessary to execute the proposed assessment protocol. So says Andres Etter, specialist of University Javeriana and Project Coordinator in Colombia, during an interview by Veronica Moreno, Communications Officer, IUCN South.

The Paramos and the Tropical Dry Forest have been chosen as pilot areas for which the National Map of potential referential ecosystems phase has almost ended.

These strides represent an opportunity for territorial and strategy planning for key ecosystems, and are supported by several universities, NGO’s and government institutions such as the Environmental and Sustainable Development Ministry, the Humboldt Institute, the Marine and Coastal Research Institute, and Conservation International. These organizations plan to publish and discuss actively with key actors in order to affect decision making that favors conservation efforts.

During August, Colombia will be participating in a workshop arranged by the non-profit organization Provita through the Red List of Ecosystems project’s team in Caracas, where the application of the assessment methods to national case studies will be reviewed.

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