Following the open discussion at the Round Table on Ecosystem Taxonomy and Red Listing of transitional water ecosystems, which was held in the last EUROLAG6/LaguNet7 conference, a collaborative activity to study the water transitional ecosystems will be implemented through an intranet in LifeRay. Prof. Alberto Basset, from Salento University, points out that the activity is geared towards building a case study of these ecosystems, applying the categories and criterias of the Red List of Ecosystems. Participation is open to all the people who possess historical information on the transitional water ecosystems in any eco-regional area, or to those who are actively working on the conservation status of these ecosystems.

If you are interested to join the collaborative activity please e-mail Ilaria Rosati ([email protected]) or Nicola Fiore ([email protected]) confirming your interest, make sure you highlight the ecoregional area of your expertise. Amongst the members invited to participate are Carlos Ibáñez, who is a colleague with a strong research activity in deltas, as well as Jon Paul Rodriguez and David Keith, who lead the initiative of the Red List of Ecosystems.

The ultimate goal is to achieve a deeper understanding of these ecosystems, generate data and make available to the public all relevant information about the overall importance of transitional ecosystems (water, land) worldwide, in order to achieve their conservation / rehabilitation / recovery.

The RLEc team will disclose information as it is gathered.