The progress of the South American Red List of Ecosystems was, once again, evident in the interview that Carolina Díaz Aldas, Communication Assistant of the UICN South American Regional Bureau, realized to María Oliveira Miranda, Scientific Adviser of the UICN Red List of Ecosystems.

The Red List of Ecosystems is a worldwide project aiming to define the state of vulnerability of ecosystems by different criteria. The interview highlights some of the latest technical activities within the project, and the challenges for the next steps.

During August, in Venezuela were conducted two major workshops with project partners, IVIC-PROVITA, NatureServe and EcoHealth, with scientific experts from Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela.

In the first workshop (from August 19th to 23th) the participants worked with NatureServe in the statement of the ecological units, aiming that the information generated by experts about the distribution, definition, conceptual model and threats of ecosystems, in ecological units proposed, were considered by NatureServe as important information for the ecological units that have already been identified in South America, totaling approximately 450.

During the second workshop (from August 26th to 28th), the representatives from Colombia and Costa Rica, presented their progress in the development of current and historical maps of national ecosystems. We were then discussed the results of the initial application of the criteria A and B, which served as the basis to clear doubts and deepen the theoretical aspects. Additionally, carefully analyzed the usefulness of data fragmentation, degradation, carbon footprint, climate change, as an input for assessing ecosystem according to criteria C and D.

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