In the frame of the application of criteria and categories in order to develop an IUCN Red List of Ecosystems, the team has trained and provided technical support to different professional groups in Australia, Latin America, Africa and Europe with the objective of increasing the capacity of people all over the world to implement the methodology proposed by Keith and collaborators in 2013.

In such work meetings, it is explained that the proposed methodology is grounded on the assessment of collapse risk using five criteria based on one or more variables. It is also analyzed the way the model identifies collapse symptoms through changes in the ecosystem distribution and their functionality; and the development of quantitative estimations of collapse risk.

Up to this date, several work meetings have taken place globally, including countries such as Brazil, Australia, Colombia, and countries of Western Africa and the European Union. In April, 2015, an international training course was carried out in Costa Rica with attendance from all Latin America with activities such as: data preparation, application of the RLE Categories and Criteria, and discussion about the applicability of the method on national and global levels.

We invite you to explore further the building capacities regarding the application of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystem Criteria 2014-2015 and the other advances made up to the date.

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